Dark Web Overview Info

Darknet markets are e-commerce websites, just like eBay or Amazon. These markets are working with the only difference that you can find everything from these platforms. Remember, dark web sites offer both legal and illegal products. Keep it in mind that weapons and drugs dominate these markets.
People can find anything, such as hacked software, credit cards and guns. They are known as the darknet markets because of their products. These products are not available on clearnet. Moreover, clearnet is traceable, but dark web sites can’t be traced.
These markets work on the Tor (onion) network. If you want to buy from darknet markets, you have to search secured darknet markets. Some secured options are Elite Market, Empire Market, Samsara Market, Berlusconi Market, Nightmare Market, etc.
Increase Your Security When Using Dark Web Markets
If you want to use dark web sites, you have to maintain your anonymity and security. Before typing the URLs of darknet markets, make sure to take necessary security measures. In the first step, you have to install a Tor (The Onion Router) browser on your computers. This browser allows you to browse deep web sites safely.

Tor enables you to keep your identity safe when browsing the websites of the darknet. It can bounce your web trials through different Tor nodes. Your stalkers can’t determine your identity or location. Basically, Tor changes its exit and entry node for each action within 10 minutes.

Websites typically collect data about your future and past actions. Tor browser can discourage this activity from sites. For your security, you will need a Tor browser and a VPN. To access darknet marketplaces, you must have its valid link or an invitation from the user of this website.

Complete a registration procedure to get access to the products and services. Remember, you will get a username and password during the registration process. You will need these things to access deep web sites in the future.

Verify Credibility of Seller on a Tor Marketplace

The credibility of the sellers is a severe concern for darknet markets. Keep it in mind that is a black market with several illegal products. Before purchasing something, you have to check the reputation and previous record of sellers.
Fortunately, it is easy to verify this information for numerous marketplaces. Tap on the name of a seller and check his/her profile description. Pay attention to the following information:
Duration of membership
Total orders delivered (higher number of orders mean a trusted vendor)
Total disputes (higher number of disputes mean suspicious vendor)
Reviews from the real human on the seller’s profile (seller can’t delete them, and these reviews can reflect his/her actual colors transparently)
If you are ordering for the first time, you can order in a small quantity. Once you get your first delivery successfully, you can order more items as per your need. Moreover, vendor bond will help you to evaluate the credibility of a seller.
Keep it in mind that vendor bond is an amount that a seller has to pay before becoming a trusted vendor on deep web sites. In numerous cases, only trusted vendors can match this amount. You can also check the profile statistics to evaluate the performance of a vendor.

Receive Products Securely from Deep Web Sites

Before ordering something, you have to purchase Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency to buy products. It is essential to “mix/tumble/wash” the Bitcoins before sending them to deep web sites. Try to buy Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies anonymously.
Washing is a procedure of mixing your Bitcoins with other coins or transactions. In this way, coins will not link with you. Even after using your bank or credit card, these coins can’t be linked back to you. Feel free to use tumbling services to mix Bitcoins in your possession.
Cryptocurrencies for Deep Web
Bitcoin is a commonly used currency on different deep web links. People used it as a primary currency to sell and buy goods. Nowadays, high prices of Bitcoin are increasing the popularity of other cryptocurrencies.
Heavy activities of blockchain are increasing the time and fee for each transaction. For Bitcoin, you have to pay almost #12 to $15 as a transaction fee. Remember, you can’t negotiate for these amounts. For this reason, people are adopting other currencies.
Other cryptocurrencies are cheaper and faster than Bitcoin. Unfortunately, you will not get a guarantee to be decentralized and anonymous similar to Bitcoin. For this reason, try to use Bitcoin on the dark web sites if you can afford.
Keep it in mind that all the deep web links are not illegal. You can make their use legal or illegal because these marketplaces have different products. It is illegal if you are buying and selling weapons and drugs or pornography videos. Try to use these platforms for legal purposes to discourage criminal minded people.