When we have to summarize the dark web in simple words, then it can get termed as part of the internet that requires the use of special software to access it. What you need to keep in mind is that dark web offers a lot more privacy than other parts of the World Wide Web.
Now the problematic part is that since dark web offers more privacy, this is why it is the perfect setting for scams and offensive content also. However, there are many legitimate things that you can do using the dark web. For example, you can read your mail on ProtonMail.
Understanding the Objective of ProtonMail
ProtonMail makes use of a hidden service for combating censorship. There is no denying the fact that ProtonMail is one of top encrypted email services that answers how to access the dark web safely.
Currently, ProtonMail has more than 2 million users. The exciting part is that the scope of this service kept growing with the passage of time. ProtonMail can get termed as a tool for freedom of speech.
The Tor hidden service
Now the ProtonMail users can connect to ProtonMail with immense ease using the Tor network. However, you will need to make use of the ProtonMail onion site for this purpose. When you have to use the Onion site, it is vital to set up Tor on your computer.
If you have to setup Tor for desktop, then download the Tor Browser. What you need to keep in mind is that the browser is same like the Firefox browser. However, the only difference is that the browser you download will offer support for Tor.
You can also download different Tor apps if you have to browse the onion sites on your mobile. What you must remember is that Tor browser tends to disable Javascript on Tor. However, you will require the Javascript for the onion sites.
When you install the Tor browser for desktop, make sure that you click the No Script button and select Temporarily allow this page. Once you install the Tor browser and enable the Javascript, then it becomes easy for you to access ProtonMail onion site.
Why you should use ProtonMail over Tor
When you route your traffic to ProtonMail through the Tor network, then your adversary will not be able to track that you are using ProtonMail. What Tor does is that it applies extra layers of encryption on top of your connection.
Well, this is why people cannot perform man in the middle attack on your connection. No one will be able to see the IP address of your connection to ProtonMail. The best part is that Tor can also help with ProtonMail accessibility.
If ProtonMail is blocked in your vicinity, then it is still possible for you to reach it by vising the onion site. The benefit of the onion sites is that they provide end to end connection at the Tor level.
Well, this means that the extra encryption that Tor applies will remain present till you reach the ProtonMail infrastructure. However, if you make use of a non-onion Tor connection, then the disadvantage is that you will not be able to get the Tor connection beyond the last node.
When you use ProtonMail over Tor, then the advantage is that Tor provides end to end authentication and this is why it becomes easy for you to mitigate some of the weaknesses.
However, there are some downsides of Tor also that you must keep in mind. You will notice the fact that Tor connections are slow in comparison to the normal internet connection.
Secondly, ProtonMail’s onion site is still in the process of evolution so the reliability of the onion site may not be as high as that of a standard site. The good news is that if you decide to use ProtonMail inbox without Tor, then even in this case, you can look forward to high protection.
ProtonMail inbox has secure authentication and PGP end to end encryption. Plus, you can also opt for the optional two-factor authentication.
The positive side of the picture is that ProtonMail ensures precautions in the implementation of the onion site. They offer the onion site with https only. They also provide a valid SSL certificate.
The best part is that ProtonMail’s SSL certificate has an extended set of validations and this is the reason that you will get to see a green bar in your browser. The additional security layer also provides protection against phishing.
Well, this is why one can explore ProtonMail. However, what you must remember is that you should only look for the answer to this question how to access the dark web safely for informational purposes. Your objective should be legitimate so that you can avoid all the factors that can hamper your browsing experience or put your security on the line.