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Dark Web


The Dark Web


The deep web and dark web is different than the surface web. You can’t find these webpages with the use of search engines, such as Bing and Google. Search engines can’t get access to these pages. You will need a special browser to access these websites.
Number dark web sites require registration. You have to register yourself to get your username and password. It allows you to communicate with other people on the dark web. Keep it in mind that the dark web is a tiny part of the deep web.
You can’t access dark web sites with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. For these websites, you will need a Tor browser. Keep it in mind that Tor can disguise your identity. Users can get a high degree of privacy with the use of Tor. If a web address has .onion in the end, it is located on the dark web. You will need Tor to access this website.
Some people think that the dark web is a scary place, but it has both good and bad uses. It is useful for investigative journalists, whistle-blowers, and people against oppressive governments. Remember, law enforcement agencies use deep web links for their investigation. No doubt, the dark web is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to hide his/her location and identity.
You can find numerous legitimate discussion groups, publications and new sites. Unfortunately, there are criminals selling videos of child pornography. It is easy to detect illegal drugs, illicit services and goods and stolen private information.
They accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoins. It is almost impossible to trace these transactions. The anonymity of the deep web sites makes it complicated for law enforcement agencies to find criminals from these platforms and prosecute them.

The deep web sites offer maximum anonymity against surveillance. You can be a part of the dark web without worrying about surveillance. The creator of the WWW (World Wide Web), Time Berners-Lee, indicated that the government might use the information to control people of its state.
Law enforcement needs screenshotted and documented proves. Interestingly, the procedure of investigation of the dark web is in surveillance. Everything should be recorded to make a legal case. No doubt, law enforcement agencies need more practices and tactics to monitor the deep web.

Users of the deep web links shoulder understand that they can’t obtain complete anonymity and privacy. Hackers can make their information public. It depends on users how they maintain their anonymity on the dark web. There are different things to consider, such as an antivirus solution, TOR browsers and numerous other things.
People neglect these things that are necessary to stay anonymous. Several visitors on the deep web sites leave their email ID. It can make them searchable. For this reason, actions and choices of users can keep them safe and anonymous on the deep web.