The dark web is the new revelation in information outsourcing. Both the site owner and those who browse the dark web want to keep their identity a secret. Besides being highly efficient and effective, dark sites are hidden from anyone who does not have access to the Tor browser. Websites on the darkweb need a browser like Tor, and all URLs on it end in onion.

Listed below, we have the 15 best dark web sites:

  1. Wasabi Wallet: User those who trade in Bitcoin, this is the best dark website to hide your information. It will cost a bit, but it will be a smart move for you to do so.
  2. Facebook: Apparently, Facebook has onion URLs in all the restricted countries. It’s true, though! Hence, the user should consider including it in your dark web link list.
  3. ProPublica: Although this website is non-profitable, you can enjoy free news reporting at this site.
  4. Sci-Hub: It is a dark web website that is the best place for those interested in obtaining scientific knowledge or scientific folk. The database contains over 50 million documents from different fields.
  5. The Hidden Wiki: For anything specific on official, go to this page, The Hidden Wiki. It is a community for dark web Wikipedia.
  6. CIA: When you are new to the dark web, it is worthwhile to investigate the information about world factbooks, headquarters tours, and employment prospects on the site. A visit to the CIA site is a must.
  7. Mail2Tor: An anonymous way to communicate by sending and receiving messages via Mail2Tor. Furthermore, the IP address you use is also not stored.
  8. Secure Drop: A safe system for whistleblowers. They can use to exchange sensitive information with the media without revealing their identities is Secure Drop. An anonymous site using the .onion that protects journalistic and whistleblower rights across the globe.
  9. The Hidden Wallet: Using Bitcoin as a payment method and worrying about regulations is now a thing of the past. Any Bitcoin transaction through The Hidden Wallet is safe.
  10. Dream Market: This dark web market link is among the best available so that you can purchase a wide range of products using bitcoin.
  11. DuckDuckGo: In the eyes of privacy-conscious consumers. DuckDuckGo is the best alternative to Google. It’s safe to visit the dark web since it doesn’t track you.
  12. Black Cloud: Black cloud gives you a secure storage area where you can store documents and manage them over the internet without risk to your security.
  13. Impreza Hosting: If the user is willing to use these servers, the unique feature of registering their domain and manage their emails is securely view. It also gives you access to its servers if you need them to host your website or have your domain registered.
  14. Riseup: Platforms make open access newsletters available in multiple languages, send frequent emails, and provide chat services to keep people informed.
  15. Keybase: Cybercriminals and potential attackers are kept at bay by this platform. Users can create groups, share files, and chat with each other through Keybase, and they can also connect their profile to things such as Twitter, Google, GitHub, and even Bitcoin.