Assuming you spend a good deal of time surfing the web, you have probably run across articles about the dark Web. Like most people, you may automatically assume the worst about what appears to be a shadowy realm. However, there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to perusing dark Web links.

For instance, what if I told you that not all websites on the dark Web are criminal in nature? In fact, are you aware that there are a host of completely legitimate websites that also have a presence on the dark Web? Facebook, the BBC, the New York Times, and even the FBI, all have a presence on the dark web. Why? Because there are a number of countries throughout the world where Internet traffic is monitored by governments who do not celebrate individual freedom. Visiting and posting information without encryption could very well land you and your family in a prison camp if you are a whistleblower.

Typically the sorts of links that people are looking for on the dark web are ones that lead to marketplaces and websites that may not be in line with what society deems appropriate. Using the four browser to access the dark Web is perfectly legal, and browsing the dark Web is as well, but if you decide to transact and procure anything illegal, you are putting yourself at risk. Of course this is why the TOR browser access, in order to make your I P address untraceable and to completely obscure your identity from any prying eyes.

You will notice that the dark web is a little bit slow compared to traditional browsers like Chrome, but this is because it requires a great deal more effort to split up data into fragments and then reassemble it through different nodes and servers so that your activities are anonymous.

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